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tv   Piers Morgan Live  CNN  September 12, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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"piers morgan live" starts now. this is "piers morgan live," welcome to the viewers in the united states and around the world. a massive fire on the jersey shore and battled a year ago by super storm sandy. it grew to a six-alarm fire. chris christie is urging residents to stay away. >> do not come here. do not travel. stay away. >> meanwhile in colorado, at least three people are dead and rescuers are continuing tonight in the wake of devastating flash floods. we're keeping an eye on all of it. syria comes down to a big game of russian roulette and who blinks first. >> this is not a game and i said that to my friend when we talked about it initially. >> we should follow the peaceful way of resolution of the conflict in syria.
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>> and joining me is senator john mccain. senator, good to see you. let me ask you a question, if you had been president through this crisis right now, under what circumstances would you have gone to congress to seek permission effectively to seek military action in syria? >> first of all, i would have started two years ago to supply weapons to the opposition and i think bashar assad would have been gone, but that's over. i certainly would have consulted with congress, which is what the war powers act requires, but i could have taken action without calling for a resolution, and if you want to call for a resolution, fine. if you want to act, i think you are constitutionally correct in doing it. to say you're going to act and ask for congressional approval is the worst option because he found himself in a real box where he said he was going to strike, but said he needed
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congressional approval, and wasn't going to get it. >> if in the end the russians deliver on this deal with syria, assad surrenders his chemical weapons and russia is seemed to have done the right thing, and president obama has avoided any military action, avoided risking any military lives, you could argue in the end the zigzagging and shifting positions he's taken have led to the right result and therefore would be a vin vindication of his actions. >> you still have this conflict that goes on on the ground in syria. you might be interested to know that when the threat of the attack was going on, bashar assad grounded his air force, disbursed his forces. as soon as the pause was announced, he immediately resumed air attacks. the weapons came in from iran and from russia. it's interesting, how does this
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morally, piers, when you are negotiating for the removal of chemical weapons and yet, at the same time they are flying in plane load of plane load of weapons, which have already killed 100,000, not 1,000 but 100,000 syrians and leaving the opposition out to dry, and the thing that bothers me -- >> let me throw that back at you. >> go ahead, yeah. >> if reports suggest the cia have been giving arms to the rebels -- >> by the way, that's not true to start with and secondly, what they are giving isn't the weapons they need. >> for argument sake, let's say there is merit to that, america is taking side with the rebels and the russians are taking side with president assad. both have take an position in a civil war most americans for example say has nothing to do with america. >> that's a moral equivalent
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that is not true. bashar assad with 5,000 hezbollah on the ground. with the revolutionary guard in and russian arms coming in, it's an unfair fight first of all and second of all, would we have not tried to get arms to the french who were fighting against in world war ii? would we not be supporting people who are fighting for the things we stand for and believe in? and we can go into whether they are al qaeda or not. that's another conversation. i happen to believe and know they have weapons to the right people, the ones that come in by way of the sod dids. we should support these people more than we have when they are fighting against a dictator who mass cures them and has a doctrine of torture rape and murder.
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>> how did you feel when you here vladimir v. putin wrote a piece for the new york times, the great new york times right here in this city in which he basically attacked america and barack obama, but did it in a pretty skillful way. >> and blamed the weapons on the rebels, which -- >> right, what was your reaction what you heard about this? >> not surprised. he's an old kgb that has visions of restoration of the old russian empire and he doesn't respect us. he doesn't have respect for us. you can see that in his actions. when he calls john kerry a liar. when he basically snubs the president in various -- >> does he respect america any more than america respects him and russia? >> i think we give him a lot more respect than he deserves. we went through this phony routine where the guy we work with, do you remember that? >> yeah. >> everybody knew he was the puppet.
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>> putin, whatever your view of putin, he's undisputedly a strong leader and i would say as an outsider looking in, he's played a coming political diplomatic gain. >> right now he's now placed himself in a very important position throughout the entire middle east. and by the way, our friends are discouraged, our enemies are encouraged. what message does this send to the iranians and israelis that we have said we are going to launch an attack and then we have backed off and not done that? >> what is the time scale here where if the rush ps don't deliver and assad doesn't deliver, as many skeptics belie believe, he's not going to do, america has to take action or lose all face? >> it has to be a matter of a few days. i think you can -- why aren't they in new york to put it together and run the resolution through the security counsel?
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that's a minor item. you have to be a number of days, and it has to be legitimate, and if not, i don't know what the president is going to do. i think, though, there may be an outcome where he could go back to congress and go look, i got everything. he may, i emphasize may, get some more support. at the same time images of those dead children fade, also. i think he's in a very -- one of the most difficult positions of a president in the united states history. >> thank you. reaction to president obama's handling of the crisis in syria is mixed to say the least. jay carney as you might expect came to his boss' defense. >> the american people, at least in my assessment, appreciate a commander in chief who takes in new information and doesn't, you know, celebrate decisiveness for
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the sake of decisiveness. >> the man that knows most about war in the middle east. editor of access tv and host of the big interview and also somebody who covered every spit and cough of middle east earn turmoil for decades. i can think of nobody better to talk to about this. it is a messy situation. there is no clean answer here, and people have been rushing to criticize president obama. i've been one of them who has been pretty unimpressed by the way he appears to have handled this. are we being unfair? i think it's premature. i think the short answer is yes to a degree. this is a reality of the second decade of the 24th century. there was a time presidents had more time to make decisions. even as late as the early 1960s, president kennedy when he was deciding what to do about russia
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and missiles in chuba, it was eight or ten days before he made a decision. this is a time, i think, for what it may be worth, americans need to be alert, studying the situation and stud deas we go. we know whatever your party or political slant, that in president obama and secretary of state kerry, we have two very smart, very experienced, in kerry's case somebody that seen this war up close. >> yeah. >> and two men who hate war, don't want to go to war. so, it right to remain skeptical, not scenical but skeptical and see a few more cards. president obama is running a risk, his press secretary was doing the best he could today. there is the danger in terms of his reputation and rest of his presidency. we know dillydally and delay are the horse men of presidential failure or the perception of failure and he's walking that fine line.
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i do think that the public large doesn't want to get involved in syria. instintively they see it as a snake bit who knows what can happen there. on the other hand, the power of the presidency is the power to persuade and president obama can still persuade public opinion but it will take a lot. >> what is the bigger picture here if there is one? it's not just about syria. every since i've been on air at cnn since the first spring erupted, there is endless turmoil as the region appears to be wrestling with freedom and democracy and so on. what is the bigger picture for america in the region? >> the bigger picture is iran is the key. iran is the pivot country in the region at the moment. and any strategy for that matter most tactics need to be put through the prism of how does it affect our relationship with iran? that's number one. what you say is true. the righten is alive with freedom, democracy, movements,
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the population taking charge, also, still ripe with religious welfare, sunni against -- >> does america have any business, britain, france, other countries, do we have any business sticking our nose into the affairs of syria, egypt, whatever it may be? is it the business of america? >> it's a pillar of american foreign policy in modern times in both democratic and republican presidents we don't stick our nose in other people's business in theory except when it presents a danger to national security or goes over a certain line of conscience. >> does syria cross that line? >> for a lot of people it does but on the other hand they say i hate what the syrian forces have done to women and children but
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i'm not prepared to send my son or grandson into that snake pit at the time. >> that may well be because of the backlash from iraq and afghanistan where americans seen endless troops getting killed and civilians and no apparent victory at the end. >> exactly. >> the thing about military conflict, to the public and indeed to the military, you better see a win at the end of the operation. >> no question. all right, in the background, let not forget that the american people at large, not everybody, believed they were misled, lied to to get us into iraq. >> i don't trust that phrase he has weapons of mass destruction because they have been conned once about that. >> exactly. it's deep in the american character to say your trust your mother but cut the cards. when we need to make a military strike, it doubled or tripled since the experience of iraq. i come back to, piers, it's a
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time to look, be steady. there is time to do whatever we have -- whatever we have to do and want to do, and it's very difficult to criticize a president for being very cautious and very careful about going to the southward. >> dan rather, i could talk to you-all night. as always, i have to cut you out. the big interview, you're as busy as you've ever been. your first guest is aaron premieres monday at 8:00 p.m. >> trunks for having me. is conventional wisdom wrong on president obama? and later, cheryl crow sits down with me for a revealing and entertaining interview. nothing is off the table, not lance armstrong and other great loves and her desire to date a serial killer. yeah, you heard me. >> i've had a real rock star life where i've been on the road for a long time. i've loved when i do. i've had some really exciting love affairs. ♪
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this is not a game, and i said that to my friend when we talked about it initially. it has to be real. >> a blunt warning from john kerry to syria and russia. joining me now is author of "crisis tails" he's also the former white house special counsel to president clinton and a republican pollster with the
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winston group. welcome to all of you. lanny davis, you wrote a fascinating piece defending president obama. did you think the day would come when vladimir putin would be in the new york times to lecture the u.s. president on ethics and policy and the good lord? >> vladimir putin using the rule of law next to his name. so the answer is hutbza. >> john kerry says it's not a game and not for those being bombed and losing lives but in a sense in the middle of a sophisticated poll lit kit chess game here. is putin in the end, a necessary evil to get to where perhaps america would prefer to be? >> yes, the sequence is important. it was barack obama who dug in the democratic party about this strike and putin blinked and put
9:19 pm
pressure on assad to give up the chemical weapons. so putin is necessary, and i think putin being aligned with the united states on this matter to get rid of the chemical weapons is not done yet as kerry said but a necessary evil, yes. >> bill crystal, so apparently vladimir putin blinked. do you agree with that? >> no, putin is the one that backed down here, is that right? >> the last time i looked, bill, it was barack obama that threatened military action and then putin said okay, we'll -- >> right, he saved -- >> what happens -- >> he saved -- >> i put a connection between those -- >> he saved his client bashar al-assad from serious military action in return for a promise, there doesn't need to be a piece of paper written on yet that he'll give over chemical weapons to putin. assad is strengthened. we betrayed our friends, iran is
9:20 pm
strengthened and we've been weakened. >> well, just to quickly respond, if you turn out to be right, bill, i'll withdraw my current admiration for what happened, but i think if this does happen, and assad is forced to give up these chemical weapons, that's a good thing for the world and i would say putin was forced to at least on his own ally put pressure on him to get rid of them. >> christian, you're in the middle here. fire away. >> i'll agree if syria has no chemical weapons that's a great thing. let's not for one second thing vladimir putin's interests are him increasing his own power period. that's what he is about. so what we've got in this situation is vladimir putin is in the driver seat and that makes me very nervous -- >> christian, let me jump in there. you see, that's fine. but why shouldn't he be trying to increase both his own power and that of russia? isn't the problem he's been allowed to and dominating the
9:21 pm
pages of new york's finest newspaper -- >> yeah -- >> i don't blame vladimir putin. >> it's not new york's finest newspaper if i can interrupt on that. >> which one would you say is, bill? >> certainly the wall street journal and new york post. i rather like the daily news as well. >> i agree with you -- >> just a factual correction. >> by the way, "the new york times" is a vennble newspaper and hijacked by vladimir putin to hack l the americans. this is not a win/win for america or the president, is it? >> no, and it's a shame we have gotten to this place. he's filling a vacuum. this whole diplomatic solution is something america stumbled into and is going along with as a way to save face because we didn't do something earlier to stall it off. right now, what concerns me a little bit about the idea of arming the rebels now is the
9:22 pm
nature of the rebels changed in the last year or two to where it's less of a moderate force than we might have had before. i mean, my problem here is i don't know what a win looks like out of the syria situation. the president didn't articulate what a win looks like in the spech and until we know, people will be hesitant to commit any american resources to achieve an unknown objective. >> bill crystal, at what point does barack obama have to do a strike to maintain credibility here? >> i don't know. the process can go on. i supported the president's statement that he felt a red line had been crossed and he was right when he said not just his red line but the world's. he didn't follow through and went to congress and i supported him when i sought the resolution. i'm not sure you can sort of get that balloon blown up again or whatever the metaphor is in one of these long processes. we may end up with assad in power, hopefully some reduction in the stockpile but a blow to
9:23 pm
our friends in the middle east, strengthening of iran. i wish this weren't the case. i'm unhappy about the situation we're in as americans -- >> you're -- >> and a worst situation -- >> lanny, you're a crisis management expert. this is by anyway a crisis and could get a lot worse very quickly. if you were advising president obama right now, what would you be advising him to do? >> a much clearer message, which i think until his speech was lacking. number one, the moral issue, which i write about in my column is very paramou paramount. >> everyone thinks assad is a bad guy who almost certainly used chemical weapons. that's a given but doesn't seem to be enough to drive the american public to take military action. how does barack obama deal with that if the russian game plan stalls? >> if bill turns out to be too pessimistic and i'm too
9:24 pm
optimistic, the chemical weapons get taken away from assad and they are a civic and political and secular democrats need to be strengthened and maybe in the long one bill will look back and come to agree with me. sometimes that can be possible. >> well, it's a lot to wish for but i hope you're right. thank you-all very much, indeed. coming up next, a man who thinks guns for the blind is a really good idea in america. i'll go head-to-head with ben ferguson. i can promise you this will get very, very lively mr. ferguson because your idea is ridiculous. ♪ (woman) this place has got really good chocolate shakes. (growls) (man) that's a good look for you. (woman) that was fun. (man) yeah. (man) let me help you out with the.. (woman)...oh no, i got it. (man) you sure? (woman) just pop the trunk. (man vo) i may not know where the road will lead, but...
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i can't imagine in that situation not being able to see and then the state telling you you have no right to be able to protect yourself in your home with a firearm. >> that's ben ferguson on cnn's "new day" defending the permit for people who are blind. let me say that again, gun permits for people that are glienld. you cannot be serious? [ laughter ] >> i am serious and i'm not talking about them walking around and have a permit to carry but defend themselves in their home, and the majority of people in this country, 14.3 million adults, that doesn't count anybody under the age of 18 are declared legally blind by america's standards. the majority of those people can see and are able to drive with certain restrictions.
9:29 pm
>> right, hang on, hong on. you clarified that you meant even for people who are totally blind, not partially blind -- >> absolutely. >> vision impaired. let talk about people who are totally blind. people who would be prohibited from driving a car, flying a plane, for any of those things. what possible sense can there be in people that literally cannot see at all having a firearm at anyone that possibly comes into their home. >> you're implying somehow blind people are less than you are because you can see. blind people because they are blind aren't stupid -- >> i never said they are stupid. i said they shouldn't be having firearms. >> you're acting as if a blind person loses their god given right in their home to protect themselves if someone kicks in the backdoor at 4:00 a.m. and if you talk to blind people that live alone, they know where
9:30 pm
their backdoor is and knows if there is somebody coming into their house to threaten their life, and i would ask you this for blind people that might not be watching tonight but listening, how would you tell them to mprotect themself if somebody is kicking in their door? >> how do they know it's not a neighbor concerned about them. >> [ laughter ] >> you may laugh -- >> wait a minute -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> only last week we had a tragic case of an 18-year-old girl that hid in a close et to surprise a friend in the house and when she jumped out, he killed her because hes isn't expecting her. >> i'm just saying -- >> you're talking about two people. you can't fix stupid. the two people are 18-year-old kids that both could see and did something stupid. majority of people that are blind, their family and friends are very careful to make sure that they don't surprise them and respect the fact they are blind. to imply that a blind person
9:31 pm
will have a neighbor walk over at 2:00 in the morning and go surprise when you can't see anyways is a terrible analogy. >> ben, do you think blind people agree with you, they should have the right to have guns? >> the blind people that i've talked to today that e-mailed and called and sent tweets to me said overwhelmingly, those sing and will live alone think they should have the right, keyword, in their home to be able to protect themselves. i ask you again, the same question, the question i asked you earlier, what is your solution and what would you tell blind people listening tonight to defend themselves if someone kicks in the backdoor at 4:00 a.m.? if you think having a gun is inappropriate. >> i would tell them to call the police. >> and wait for 15, 20 minutes? >> i'm not blind, norp are you and i know someone who is blind, stevie wonder who i talked to about this issue and talked to.
9:32 pm
watch this clip. >> i was thinking and saw you on tv talking about the whole gun thing and i was talking to a friend. you should go get me a gun or me go with you to get a gun and then like show how easy it is for me to get and gun and imagine me with a gun. it just crazy. i think we have to do something about it. >> so stevie wonder thinks it's crazy and he's blind, ben. even he thinks your idea is completely crazy. >> yeah, and the one time i tried to meet stevie wonder in memphis, tennessee on bill street guess what he had security guards around him to protect him. the guy who has security guards, it's easier for him to not have a gun. think about it for a second. he's famous. he has resources and money. not every blind person in america has the resources stevie wonder has as an amazing musician in his life with millions of dollars. that's not reality for most average americans that are blind.
9:33 pm
>> so you would like everyone who is totally blind in america, just to clarify, to have the right to bear arms and they could have the right to have, say, an ar-15? >> i think any person -- >> yes or no. >> that is blind that is willing to go through and make sure what is correct for them -- i don't want to mandate anyone have a gun that doesn't want one but should have the right to bear arms. they aren't handicapped mentally because they are blind. they aren't lesser citizens because they are blind. we have laws that protect against this and because you're blind doesn't mean you have to be a sitting duck in your own house in america for people to marm you. >> this is a clip from a company in texas that is legally turning assault rifles like ar-15s into assault weap-- machine guns. watch this clip.
9:34 pm
[ gunshots ]. >> just quick question, ben. would you be happy for blind people in america to be armed with one of those for anyone that perhaps knocks on their door in the middle of the night? >> i don't think the majority of blind people are dumb and will think that's the appropriate weapon for them. i respect blind people, piers, and i think they are old enough, mature enough as adults to make their own decisions. i don't have to hold their hand to imply i want to give them this i think is absurd. >> okay. >> these people can make the decision what is correct for them. >> okay. >> and it doesn't mean i'm implying they should have an almost semiautomatic or fully automatic weapon. >> okay. ben, got to leave it there. i think we should leave the last word to stevie wonder, which is crazy. he thinks you're crazy. good to speak to you. >> always. cheryl crow, her love life and her take on miley cyrus and
9:35 pm
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♪ ♪ ♪ all i want to do is have some fun ♪ >> cheryl crow is known for rock
9:39 pm
'n' roll style but gone all country with her new album "feels like home" and joins me exclusively. how are you? >> i'm good. >> a country girl? >> i've always been a country girl. i grew up in a town that had three -- that has three stoplights, all cotton fields. it's great. feels like home. >> i mean, you have this extra ordinary life. you're the cat with nine lives, aren't you? >> yeah. >> and now you've gone to nashville which in many ways is the obvious spiritual home for you, i would think. >> it is. i have a long relationship with nashville, but when i first got signed to a record deal, country wasn't what it was now. it was much more ptraditional. i moved to l.a. i was a schoolteacher at the time. i got an audition with michael jackson. i landed back in l.a. and tried to get a record deal and everybody said you were too country. ultimately, i crashed a party, swing release party. i was a waitress and handed
9:40 pm
my cassette to the producer and got a record deal. it wasn't until after i was diagnosed with breast cancer i realized after 15 years of touring, i didn't have roots anywhere. i felt like i wasn't tethered to anything. so i decided i'll change my life and move closer to home. my sister lives there and family -- >> you're on the school run, two kids. >> school pick up run. >> no paparazzi. >> must be weird. >> it's great. it's funny, i think there are celebrities that love that and a nervousness if that isn't a common occurrence. for me it was such an intruex, one of the reasons i moved. i was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a public breakup. the paparazzi was outside my home. we had to keep the curtains drawn so they didn't take
9:41 pm
pictures inside the house. >> you play with probably the most gossiped and talked about musician of them all michael jackson, you then hook up with a guy who turns out to be the most scandalized smart sportsman in history. isn't the easy route, is it? >> i'm trying to think what is the worst serial killer i could have dated? >> but when you had health issues you had, too, it's been a lively old root to the more peaceful climbs of nashville. >> it's been amazing. i had somebody ask me if i could go back and not have cancer, would i choose to do that? i wouldn't. honestly, everything that's happened to me even relationship wise and health-wise as a good person, raised to be a good, thoughtful compassion et person to be diagnosed with something that's so known to be life-threatening, i wouldn't change it for anything, because
9:42 pm
i really feel like there was such a big lesson in that for me to learn how to put myself first, and to learn to say no, and i just made some really drastic changes after that. >> now i'll stun my viewers now. if you don't mind i'm going to reveal your age simply because i didn't believe it when i saw it and because you're three years older than me. >> i'm three years older than you? are you kidding me. i thought we were the same age. >> nobody will believe this. >> 36. >> i'm 29. >> i'm 48 and you're 51. i count believe that. >> yes, i've been around a long time. >> what's the secret to looking a decade younger than me. >> i don't know. i can safely say i have really good genes. >> you're drinking tea, a famous english brand of tea which you are obsessed with as i am. >> i'm obsessed with. >> that -- >> it's such a part of my life
9:43 pm
it's like taking a vitamin or supplement. i'll have a cup of coffee and the rest of the day i have tea all day long. >> do you ever tweak when you have a cup of tea? >> can i tell you something? i couldn't even tell you what twerking was. i worked with miley cyrus when she was young and i loved her. >> it's good mtv tv. >> right. what madonna did, lady georgia. >> hey, elvis pressley? >> why are we getting our nickers in a twist? >> i can't answer that. i will say we were in a hotel and i was flipping flew direct tv or whenever that you order the films on and trying to find something for my kids to watch and there was a picture of a woman just wearing a g-string like this and my 6-year-old caught it and he said she doesn't have underwear on. i said she needs to put clothes on and all day long he was doing
9:44 pm
this post. i kept saying stop doing that. so, you know, for kids probably not good. >> so you used to work with miley. >> i did her show, yeah. >> what do you feel about all the controversy about it all? >> i will tell you that i came out with my first record when i was 28. i was the same age at stevie nicks and we have a lot in common, and i would just imagine it would be difficult to navigate the waters of fame when you're that young. you know, i even felt a little pressure when i was 29 and having success. this pressure to be seen -- especially with being a celebrity, it's just everywhere and people crave it and how do i stay in the public eye and how do i stay relevant? and for a kid, you know, these 18-year-olds, i just -- i don't know if i would have been cut out for it. so. >> i have no problem with what miley cyrus is doing. i think she's doing it on purpose and loves it. >> she's a smart girl.
9:45 pm
>> and her dad -- she grew up around this non-sense. >> let's take a break and come back and talk about what you know quickly, get it out of the way. >> more pg tips. >> more pg tips. ♪ [ villain ] well mr. baldwin...
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♪ ♪ >> cheryl crow's new song from the new album "feels like home." quite racy, isn't it. the song titles, we ought to be
9:49 pm
drinking, give it to me, shotgun, call me when i'm lonely. >> when you read it like that -- >> send some message. crazy and original. anything you want to tell me? >> we're good clean family entertainment around here. >> let's discuss quickly the thing that you're probably sick and tired of talking about, you once date add guy that turned out to be the center of a huge scandal, lance armstrong. a, how bored are you talking about this? i never met the guy and i have a pathological hatred of sporting cheats. so i feel fronted about what he did. i want you to make me feel slightly better towards him. >> wow. >> are you able to do that? can you calm my theory about what he did? >> it's funny. people keep asking me about him.
9:50 pm
it such a stretch for me because it feels like a past life. it has such little relevance to my life now, in fact, zero relevance that i watch it kind of like everybody else is watching it. i watched a little bit of the first >> i have such a big detachment from it. i probably feel the same as everyone else. >> do you ever talk to him? >> no. i haven't seen him in years. it feels like a lifetime ago really, honestly. >> let's turn to your single status. because people watching this going, she can't be single. >> it's shocking. >> what a criminal waste. >> it's shock! no, i'm kidding. i thought it would be really good for me to have my own reality show >> yes. >> but no, i can't. >> finally go mad for sheryl. >> are you on the lookout? are you in the market? >> i would love to get married. my 6-year-old the other day said
9:51 pm
mommy when you get married. i thought wow. my 3-year-old said to his buddies, wyatt and i don't have a daddy. it was so matter of factual that it was stunning to me. it's not exactly the way i thought my life was going to be. i'm from a family my parents are still married and close and they have a good relationship. a good example of what a loving relationship looks like. but i have had as much of not looking like a rock star, i've had a real rock star life. where i've been on the road for a long time. i've loved what i do. i've had some really exciting love affairs. >> have you? >> yes, i have. >> anyone you want to share with the group? >> we'll talk about it over some p.g. tibs later on. in my book my mom keeps saying you need to write a book. i think the best of i can't put into a book until everybody's dead. but yeah, i've had some great loves. >> how many times have you been properly in love in your life? >> many. yeah, many. with some very famous people and
9:52 pm
some very not famous people. i've been engaged three times. i was laughing because i am very close to ralph lauren. i love him very much. and it's fanshion week. i'm not going to get to see any shows. i won't get to see his. i still have the wedding dress design he designed for me. i got rid of the guy but i still have the sketches. >> are you always the heartless dumpee in this? >> i've read a couple of times that jennifer aniston and i, the two of us have been dumped more than any two people but it's not true. i don't like my private life to be for the public consumption. so i really don't discuss what happens in my relationships. so people don't get the stories. but i will tell you one thing. i take great credit for some of it because it's difficult to date a woman who's strong and who runs a business and who's gone a lot.
9:53 pm
>> are you high maintenance? >> no. i'm not. i mean, it's funny the when you walked in and i had all these people around me, i usually travel with one person, my tour manager. >> quite impressive. >> i felt kind of great about that today. i felt like a rock star. >> who's your perfect guy? who's the one you're looking for? what would he have to be? what boxes has he got to tick? >> funny, smart, engaged, conscious. i want somebody who has a vast curiosity, somebody who wants to continue to be interested and grow and who reads, who's funny. >> just trying to work it out. it seems to be heading in my direction this criteria. >> you're far too young for me. [ laughter ] >> what's the big ambition for you? >> i started out before vh1, obviously people do know how old i am. there wasn't cable. i started out reading magazines, studying album covers. my parents were in a big band.
9:54 pm
i knew all the best musicians like who they were. they played everyone from ella fitzgerald to james taylor to mihelia jackson. i just was exposed to everything. i wanted to be great. i didn't really want to be famous. then fame kind of took over. and i still just want to write music that matters. i want my kids to have a good example, obviously, of somebody who has integrity and that they'll grow up knowing that leaving the campground better than how you found it, that's the way we live in my house, in my world. >> >> have they found your mcdonald's jingles on youtube yet? >> they don't do youtube. my 6-year-old loves monsters so he's found my national geographic. >> can you sing that? >> i made more on that than i did in my years of teaching. >> 45 minutes work? >> i went national.
9:55 pm
got in my car, went to l.a., took my tapes around and got a johnny mathis session. overheard singers talking about the jackson tour. >> if i had the power to let you relive a moment in your career, what's the one you'd choose? >> maybe just career-wise probably my first grammys. i was so out of body. and i had such a strong pure tan work ethic that i just could not embrace or own the fact they had achieved something. i think part of what propels me is this feeling of dissatisfaction with myself. that i'm always just shy of greatness. >> if i could say to you you could have the best sex you've ever had in your life again or that grammy moment which one would you take? >> oh, golly! >> i'm not asking you to name the guy. or the woman. >> i'm not even married so i'm still technically a virgin, mom
9:56 pm
and dad. [ laughter ] >> you'd take the grammy though, wouldn't you? >> cheryl cro>> sheryl crow, it delight to meet you. next time i'm in l.a., shades on, roof down. >> that's the way to listen to it. >> it's available now. i'd recommend it to everyone who likes the good things in life. sheryl, let's have a cup of tea >> yes. >> we'll be right back.
9:57 pm
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